Danida Health Ghana

The Danida Health Sector
Support Office (HSSO)

In 1994 a Steering Unit was set up to monitor, co-ordinate and supervise the five-year Denmark-Ghana Health Sector Support Programme (Phase I). This programme provided support to: The National Tuberculosis Control Programme, a selected number of Primary Health Care Training Institutions and Upper West Region. The programme ended on 31st December 1998. The second phase (Phase II) of DANDIA Health Sector Programme Support to Ghana (1998 – 2002) focused on support to the Ministry of Health’s “Five Year Programme of Work” (5 Y POW), using a Sector Wide Approach. The Steering Unit was transformed into the DANIDA Health Sector Support Office (HSSO). During the first 5 Y POW, it functioned as a partner to the Ministry of Health/Ghana Health Service along with other health partners. In liaison with the Danish Embassy, the Health Sector Support Office facilitated other DANIDA support to the Health Sector.
Mobil House where the HSSO resides A DANIDA Appraisal of the Phase III of the Health Sector Programme Support in Ghana took place from 4th to 19th April 2002. The team endorsed the continuation of the functions of the DANIDA Health Sector Support Office. Phase III of the DANIDA Health Sector Programme Support to the Ministry of Health 2nd 5-Year Programme of Work (2002 – 2007) will start in January 2003.

At the country level, the DANIDA Health Sector Support Office reports to the Danish Embassy. The counselor responsible for the Health Sector is Mrs. Charlotte Kanstrup.
Within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen, the officer responsible for West Africa is S8, headed by Nana With.

Physical Location
The Office is located outside the Ministry of Health at Mobil House, Liberia Road, Accra, approximately 5 minutes drive from the Ministry. The DANIDA Health Office will no longer share office premises with DFID with effect from 1st July 2002. DFID is establishing a Country Office for its projects. As a general rule bigger planning meetings are held in the Ministry, however, smaller meeting involving only one division will continue to be held at the DANIDA office. The MOH, health partners and external consultants use the office premises, extensively, during the joint review of the Sector Programme.

Counterparts in the Ministry The office has linkages with many focal people in the Ministry and the Ghana Health Service. The respective Directors at the MOH HQ and the Ghana Health Service e.g. Policy, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Finance, Institutional Care, Public Health, Private Sector, are the focal persons within their area and may be seen as a new type of “counterparts”. The same applies to the Regional Medical Directors.

Contact the Health Sector Support Office
Post HSSP. P.M.B. TUC Post Office, Accra, Ghana
Phone +233 21 664 285
+233 21 664 454
+233 21 667 117
Telefax +233 21 665 133